Car Recycling

Car Recycling

Car Recycling

Recycle your Old Car and Save Environment

The automotive industry has been one of the largest producers of waste in Australia, and the largest source of automotive waste comes from vehicles hitting the end of life. Newcastle Scrap Car Removal provides the reliable and environment friendly car recycling services to contribute in eliminating unnecessary automotive waste from landfills. We remove and recycle all types of vehicles including old, accidental and damaged cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Get instant cash for your car

No matter if it's a plain old car or flood damaged car, we recycle all types of cars regardless of make, model, or condition. All you have to do is call us up for an instant quote and get your car towed within an hour with Newcastle Scrap Car Removal Absolutely free of cost and even get a handsome payout.

Recycling and selling used vehicle parts

We are one of the industry’s leading car recyclers adopting eco-friendly methods for recycling old vehicle parts. We follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the government. After following those policies, we will provide a responsible recycling service on all vehicles received. We use the latest safety methods to remove all harmful materials from the car including oils or liquids, batteries and tires. Our team assures to dispose all the waste material safely and it will not end up in landfill causing environmental damage.

Know More About Our Car Recycling Services

  • Why should you scrap your car?
    Scrapping your car is an ideal way to get money in exchange of your old car and put it towards your new purchase and do the environment a favour at the same time.
  • Do I need to pay for towing?
    No, our team will show up and tow your car for free and even pay cash for your scrap car.
  • How much you pay for scrap car?
    That depends upon the condition of the vehicle and the make and model of the vehicle, but we’ve paid as much as $25000 before. Get in touch with us for free quote today!
  • Do you consider the condition of the vehicle before buying it?
    Not at all! We’ll pick the vehicle for scrap, regardless of its condition.
  • Where do you operate?
    We serve customers in  Newcastle,Anna Bay, Cessnock, Gosford, Maitland, Morisset, Nelson Bay, Tuggerah and all surrounding areas. If you’ve any scrap car that’s just keeping a further space in your garage or an accidental car that cannot be repaired, give us a call or fill up "Get a Quote" form, or simply mail us and we’ll assist you with your car removal procedure.
Sell your old vehicles to Newcastle Scrap Metal

We offer top cash for cars and trucks up to $25000, the best price, and instant free car removal.

Easy Process

Our company will not only give you cash for your junk car, but will also tow it away free of charge. 

Sell Your Old Cars

We pay cash for all types of scrap and old vehicles.